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Exercise Poggio Dart 2023

Exercise Poggio Dart 2023 took part from 4th to 15th December. Its aim was to prove the command and control capabilities of the Deployable Air Command & Control Centre (DACCC).

Some of the participants were redeployed on Istrana air base. A spotter day was scheduled for 13th December (which, unfortunately, was also the only rainy day of the exercise).

The most rare participants were Turkish Air Force F-4E Phantom II updated to Terminator 2020 standard from 111. Filo “Panterler”, the last operational Turkish unit flying the mighty “Rhino”.
An old, noisy, dirty and obsolete airplane, but it also has some flaws.

Other foreign participants were USAF F-16s from Aviano:

And finally the “home team”, the Italian Air Force 51° Stormo:

Many thanks to the 51° Stormo for having organized the spotter day!