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3rd Red Bull Flugtag of Italy

Sunday Milan’s Idroscalo (former seaplane base next to Linate airport) hosted the 3rd Red Bull Flugtat of Italy.

Opening the show, Flying Bulls’ Bell TAH-1F Cobra helicopter

The stage

The Duomo of Milan cannot fly…
Il Duomo di Milano non sarà in grado di volare…

…but St Peter’s Basilica cannot fare better.

Jesus can fly instead, and with 32 meters it wins the show!
Gesù invece vola, e con 32 metri percorre la distanza più lunga di tutti!


Angry Birds-themed “plane”

Tribute to Apple

The “more normal” planes look like a Canadair…

…and a post-war plane, with catastrophic results:

Even roasted chickens can fly:

Oversize paper planes:

Trolleycars do not fly very well:

If you stare long enough, you will see the Flugtag stage: