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AERO Friedrichshafen 2017

AERO Friedrichshafen is the most important general aviation trade show in Europe.

Ok, I used these pics just as a “bait” :p

Zeppelin NT carrying a temporary livery to commemorate 100 years since the death of Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Many electric aircraft were present.
Magnus eFusion

Jihlavan Skyleader 400 reengined with an electric engine

Aquinea Volta

Archaeopteryx, a mini-glider which can also be foot-launched


Embraer Phenom 300

Embraer Legacy cabin


Eclipse 550

Cirrus Vision mock-up

Actually not general aviation at all… Luftwaffe Tornado

Tecnam stand:
P2012 Traveller


Diamond stand:
Dart 450



Mil Mi-2

Agusta-Bell AB.47

Random stuff:
Blackshape Prime

This Magni M16 autogyro was used to break the altitude record for autogyros, when on 8 november 2015 Donatella Ricci reached 27556 ft (8340 m)

Groppo G70

Zlin Shock Cub

Junkers F.13 flying replica

“Strange” stuff:
Jihlavan UL-39 Albi, scaled-down replica of an L-39 Albatros with a ducted fan

Konner K1 with a “very special” livery

Edm Aerotec CoAX 2D. This helicopter does not have a tail rotor, instead it uses a Kamov-like solution with 2 coaxial contra-rotating rotors

I have seen many seaplanes. I have seen many autogyros. But I had never seen a seaplane autogyro before! Trixy Aviation TrixSea

Hungaro Copter HC-01 “very minimal helicopter”

Windex 1200 aerobatic motorglider

Atol 650 amphibious plane