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Historical Aircraft Group FlyParty 2013

On the 30th of June airfield “Gianlino Baschirotto” in Montagnana hosted the FlyParty, the yearly meeting of Historical Aircraft Group, which comprised also the 1st Stelio Frati Airplane Meeting, dedicated to airplanes designed by late Stelio Frati.

Special host, Swiss display team P-3 Flyers:

Pitts Model 12:

Volafenice’s MB.326 returning from Airpower 2013:

SF.260 team

Slepcev Storch

Francesco Fornabaio with his Extra

Fiat G.46

Stelio Frati Pylon Race

Daniele Beltrame’s Aerogallo

P-3 Flyers

T-6 Texan

Cessna O-1 Bird Dog

Luca Bertossio, Italian glider aerobatic champion

Formation with Blue Voltige:

Stinson L-5s

HAG President Andrea Rossetto flying his MB.308 Macchino

Agusta-Bell AB.47

Boredom Fighters

Formation with a Loehle 5151

Zlin 50 aerobatic display

Stearman biplanes!

Many thanks to Historical Aircraft Group and Avioclub Montagnana!