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Baracca Day 2013

Since the Swiss transfer was not enough, the day after the Oris Fly-In I went to the Baracca Day, the yearly fly-in to commemorate the death of top-scoring Italian Ace Francesco Baracca.

A de Havilland Tiger Moth and a Fokker Dr.I replica:

Replica of a Royal Aircraft Factory SE-5:

The fly-in was also one of the legs of the yearly Biplano Club Italia raid:

Boredom Fighters Team:

Slepcev Storch:

Blue Voltige:

Fiat G.46 post-WW2 trainer, recently returned from the United Kingdom, where it was painted in a Royal Italian Air Force livery it actually never wore (first flight in 1946) for a movie:

Bushby Midget Mustang:

Pitts Special: