15th Mario Stoppani Memorial Airshow

Every year the city of Lovere, on the shores of the Iseo Lake in Italy, hosts a small airshow to commemorate Mario Stoppani, an Italian Ace and test pilot born here in 1895.

This year, for the first time, the Frecce Tricolori display team made two passes:

P3 Flyers display team:

Blu Circe display team:

Elimast’s Ecureuil helicopter, which also performed touristic flights:

Amphibious ultralights Super Bingo and Savannah:

Guido Racioppoli’s display:

Seamax amphibious ultralights:

Visitor plane:

Visitors were based in nearby Costa Volpino airfield, where also some of the display planes departed from:

It was possible to perform touristic flights with STOL ultralights:

There were about one hundred visitors, with all kind of airplanes. General aviation planes:





Even some hang gliders launching from a nearby slope attended the event:

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