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AMX phase-out – Istrana 05/04/2024

On 5th April, the Italian Air Force retired the AMX, light attack plane serving since 1989. A phase-out ceremony was held in Istrana air base, home of the 51° Stormo, last unit flying the AMX.

Since I was able to confirm my presence only few days before the event, I couldn’t reserve a place for the spotter day, so I had to stay outside the fence.

The last 5 operational aircraft made some passes in mixed formation with the other tactical assests of the Italian Air Force: Typhoon, Tornado and F-35.

…e some passes with a Frecce Tricolori 4-ship formation:

And obviously, an AMX-only formation:

An aircraft received a special livery for the phase-out:

30th Anniversary special livery:

There were also 2 C-27J Spartan, one of which wore the 50’000 flight hours special livery: