Historical Aircraft Group FlyParty 2022

Finally the first post-pandemic edition of the Historical Aircraft Group (HAG) yearly fly-in, held in 25th and 26th June in Bagnoli di Sopra airfield near Padua, home of HAG itself.

The show was opened with a Viet Nam War memorial by Andrea Rossetto flying his Bird Dog “Mekong Mauler”.

Probably the most unusual visitor was a new entry in the HAG fleet, a Soko G-2A Galeb jet trainer. This is the first jet to ever land in this grass airfield!

Front cockpit

Two historical visitors from Aero Club Milano.
Piper J-3 Cub

Stampe SV-4

The first of the 2 Pitts Special which flew during the day, flown by Maurizio Costa.

Formation with a Piaggio P-149…

…and 2 F.8 Falco

Yak-52 take-off and low pass:

Fiat G.46, post-WW2 trainer and one of the first planes built in Italy after WW2:

Another Yak-52:

CAP 10:

Another Pitts, this time flown by Francesco Fullin:

Corby Starlet flown by Giuliano Ignoto:

New entry in the HAG fleet: 1942-built Waco UPF-7

Finally I managed to take a photo of an F14!
Ok, it is not the naval fighter made famous by an ’80s blockbuster, but a rare Aviamilano F14 Nibbio, designed by Stelio Frati . Only 10 were built, and only 2 (including this one) are still airworthy.

The Mekong Mauler takes off in formation with the Boredom Fighters Team for a closing salute

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